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Yogi Safe is a leading manufacturer of high-security Safes and Vaults. Since 1980, we have been in business, and government agencies, financial institutions, and businesses around the world use our products. Our products meet high quality and security standards, and our expert team offers constant advice and support. If you’re looking for a Safe or Vault that will protect your valuables from theft, fire, or natural disasters, then Yogi Safe is the perfect choice.

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Strong Room Doors

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Our Safe sets the standard in Luxury and Security

Yogi’s Safe is the perfect choice for those looking for a reliable and secure Safe. With a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from, there is a Yogi’s Safe to suit every need. The company’s focus on quality and safety shows in all aspects of its Safe production, materials, construction, and testing. To design & deliver quality products, we manufacture as per BIS requirements, and we are in the process of soon applying for BIS Licence for our Safes.


Protection against Fire


10-Levers Dual Control Lock


Automatic Re-locking mechanism


Hardening Drill Resistant Shield


Advanced Barrier Technology


Tool Resistant


Double Wall Construction


Torch Resistant

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