Fire & Burglar Resistant Safe

What are key factors of security safe?

Yogi safe is a fire and burglar proof safe that comes with a one-year warranty. People use them to safeguard their cash, jewellery, and other valuables, ensuring that a burglar who breaks into their home does not gain access to these valuables.

Which technology is used for secure safe?

Safes and vaults are built with advanced barrier technology to keep your valuables safe and secure against fire and burglary. In addition, our safe and vault are fire and burglar resistant, preventing burglary and protecting against fire or natural disasters.

Benefits of heavy duty steel security safes?

Our safes have many layers of fire-resistant insulation and are crafted with heavy-duty steel. It also has state-of-the-art security features, such as tamper-proof locks and sturdy doors, to deter would-be thieves.

What is the advantage of strong double walled safe/tijori?

Nowadays in the manufacture of safes, a strong double-walled structure is mandatory. The walls’ increased mass leads to greater heat resistance. Security threats are constantly evolving because of technological advancements, easy access to tools. As well as technical knowledge available to burglars, there is a need to maintain upgraded protection.

What is the important feature of secure safe?

The ability of shelves to be adjusted is one of the most important aspects of safes and vaults. Because the goods(such as passports, documents, and Jewelry) being stored might range widely in size and weight.

Heavy Duty Strong Room Door

What is the feature of the Torch and tool-resistant door?

We are providing a high-quality selection of torch and tool-resistant safes features. They are built of a specific steel alloy that can resist the heat of a blowtorch, gas cutters, and drilling equipment, and they have a sturdy grip that makes them tough to break down with tools.

What are the benefits of Fire and Burglar Resistant Strong Room Doors?

Our safes are built with solid steel and have many layers of fire-resistant insulation. We also built security features such as tamper-proof locks and solid doors to prevent thieves.

What is the construction quality of the jewelry door?

Our safes are made of solid steel and have multiple layers of fire-resistant insulation. We produce fire and burglar-resistant safes in accordance with BIS standards.

What are the vault’s strong room door safety features?

The thickness of the door is 150mm. It is constructed of high-quality m.s. plate and a heavy duty steel plate that has been reinforced with oxy-acetylene, torch drill-resistant (TDR) alloy plate, and specially designed with barrier material.

What is the quality of the Iron Strong room door?

Specifically designed and built with extremely strong solid steel bars and multilayer steel constructions. The high quality offers optimum security against thefts, intrusions, and damages.

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