Torch And Drill Resistant Safe is an abbreviation for torch and drill resistance. These safes have been developed to provide superior protection against forced access. Torch attacks, drills, grinders, and explosive forces are all protected, providing a high level of security. Banks, government departments, and companies commonly use Torch And Drill Resistant Safe.

Why use TDR Safes? 

Torch and Drill Resistant Safes are developed with defence barriers to provide superior protection. Able to withstand torch attacks, drills, grinders, and explosive force. TDR Safes are ideal for banks, jewellers, government agencies, and commercial applications requiring a high level of protection.

Retail settings benefit from the use of Torch and Drill Resistant Safes when depositing large sums of money. Moreover, residential settings utilize these safes to safeguard high-value items and cash, especially when seeking enhanced security measures.

Why Yogi TDR Safes?

Yogi Safes has an extensive collection of bankers’ and jewellers’ / torch and drill-resistant safes appropriate for both residential and commercial use.

We design our safe/vault room doors to resist drills and torches. They have a strong and sturdy handle that makes it challenging to break them apart with tools. This unique steel alloy can endure the heat of a blowtorch, gas cutters, and drilling equipment.

The materials used in the design, production, and construction of TDR safes are high-defensive strength barrier materials. These safes are incredibly difficult to breach because of the advanced technology used by safe engineers.

Usage of Torch and Drill Resistant Safes

Banks, jewellery stores, financial institutions, commercial and industrial companies, the precious metals sector, government and defence agencies, hotels, retail, and security-conscious individuals at home commonly utilize torch and drill-resistant safes for the utmost security in safeguarding their valuables.

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