Secure Your Valuables with Yogi Safe’s Fireproof Strong Room Door

In the realm of safeguarding your valuables, whether they be family heirlooms, important documents, or business assets, the significance of robust security cannot be overstated. Yogi Safe emerges as a beacon of reliability and strength with its Fireproof Strong Room Door, a pinnacle of security innovation. Here’s why this door isn’t just a barrier, but a fortress for your peace of mind.


Technical Specifications

Recommended Wall Thickness230-310
Overall Size (H x W) with frame2286H x 1219W
Overall Size (H x W) without frame1981H x 914W
Door Swing1045
WeightStarting from 800kg
Grill Gate Swing1040
Width Over Door Frame2133
Clear Opening, Door Opens at 180°838
Clear Opening, Door Opens at 90°685
Wall Opening1524
Thickness of Door205
Thickness with Grill Gate280
Weight without Packing1200 kg
Weight with Packing1260 kg

NOTE: All the sizes are in mm.


Unyielding Strength and Size: A Shield Against Intrusion

The imposing dimensions of the Yogi Safe Strong Room Door, with a frame size of 84” H x 42” W and a door size of 72” H x 30” W, speak volumes of its protective capabilities. This heavyweight guardian is crafted using a Heavy Duty C Type Frame, a testament to its resilience. Beyond its size lies a commitment to quality and durability, ensuring that what lies behind it remains untouched and unharmed.


Compliance with Standards: Safety Assured

Adherence to BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) requirements isn’t merely a compliance checkbox for Yogi Safe. It’s a promise of reliability and safety. By meeting these stringent standards, the door guarantees not just security, but also compliance with the highest safety norms in the industry.


Multi-Faceted Resistance: Fortified Against All Threats

The door’s forte lies in its multi-faceted resistance capabilities. Designed to withstand various forms of breach attempts, it’s a bulwark against:

  • Drill Attacks: Engineered to resist high-intensity drilling, the door keeps your valuables impenetrable.
  • Gas Cutting: Resistant to this advanced form of intrusion, it stands as a formidable barrier.
  • Fire: In the face of flames, the door holds its ground, protecting your valuables from fire damage.
  • Burglary: Reinforced to thwart burglary attempts, it ensures that your possessions stay where they belong.


Locking Mechanisms: Precision and Personalization

Understanding that security needs vary, Yogi Safe offers a choice of locking mechanisms:

  • Key / Mechanical Lock: For those who prefer the classic security of a key.
  • Combination Lock: Offering a modern twist, this lock allows for a personalized security code, adding an extra layer of protection.


Versatile Protection: For Everything You Value

Whether it’s jewellery that sparkles with memories, critical business documents, or hard-earned cash, the Strong Room Door stands guard. Its versatility in protecting an array of valuables makes it an ideal choice for both personal and professional use.


Investing in Peace of Mind: Long-Term Benefits

Choosing Yogi Safe’s Fireproof Strong Room Door is an investment in peace of mind. Its durability ensures long-term service, sparing you the worry of frequent replacements or upgrades. The one-time investment secures a lifetime of tranquillity.


Why Yogi Safe? A Commitment to Excellence

At Yogi Safe, the focus is on more than just manufacturing security doors; it’s about building trust. With a legacy of quality, every product is a reflection of dedication and commitment to securing your world.


Conclusion: Your Safety, Our Priority

In a world where risks are ever-present, the Yogi Safe Fireproof Strong Room Door stands as a steadfast protector of your valuables. Embodying strength, innovation, and reliability, it’s not just a door; it’s a guardian of your peace of mind.

Don’t wait for a breach to think about security. Protect what matters most with Yogi Safe. Visit our Heavy Duty Strong Room Doors Page to explore the unrivalled protection offered by our Fireproof Strong Room Door. Secure your world today!


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