Safes and Vaults serve different purposes. For the level of security you require, safes are probably more pertinent. A bank or a sizable company is more likely to have a vault.

What is a Security Safe

A sturdy box, storage space, container, or cabinet serves as a safe, protecting goods from thieves, fires, floods, and other disasters. It safeguards vital or confidential documents and records, firearms or other weapons, jewellery, cash, and other valuables. Security Safes can also be used to keep confidential information away from prying eyes. For various uses, they can come in a range of sizes and shapes. Just a few materials, such as steel, aluminium, and concrete, can be used to create them. You can construct safes into a wall, floor, or ground surface, or they can stand alone. Wall safes are often smaller and lighter than freestanding safes. Wall-mounted safes are less obvious and can easily blend in with artwork or other items.

What is a Vault?

Banks, jewellers, and other companies that need to safeguard huge sums of money or other priceless valuables frequently employ vaults, which are substantial strongrooms. Vaults, constructed from heavier and thicker materials, are typically much larger than safes. A typical vault has thick concrete walls, and a steel vault door, and is frequently underground to make breaking in even harder. Vault doors typically have numerous layers of security, including locks, alarms, surveillance cameras, and other security systems. They can weigh up to several tonnes. Vaults may also be present in industrial buildings and commercial structures to safeguard expensive machinery and goods.

Who Uses Safes and Vaults?

Commercial users such as banks, jewellers, casinos, and credit unions generally find vaults suitable for securely storing large amounts of cash. A business that deals with cash, jewellery, expensive artworks, weapons, and other important items might also want to consider a vault. A key difference is that vaults have additional layers of protection such as security guards, security monitoring systems with alarms, hidden doors, and ways to keep the location of the vault itself hidden.


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