About Strong Room Door

A strong room door needs to offer the highest level of security while allowing authorized people to enter quickly and easily. These and many other product attributes may be found in the safest range of strong room doors.

Specification of Strong Room Door

  • Strong room doors have the following dimensions overall: mm: 2286 H*1219 W, without frame. 1981 H*914 W
  • Strong room doors weigh 800 kg. 
  • The type of strong room door is a heavy-duty C-type frame. 

What do Yogi Safes Provide?

  • We also provide high-security strongroom doors and frames that are heavy-duty. 
  • Banks and financial institutions, government and military departments, correctional facilities, jewellery and precious metal businesses, and any other circumstance requiring a high level of security prefer this alternative. 
  • Our high-security TDR (torch & Drill Resisting) vault doors are ideal for safeguarding bulk valuables within a modular vault’s strongroom.

Reasons Behind Choosing Yogi

Elegant Look

Our strong room doors and shields offer the highest level of security in stylish and appealing designs. This helps you feel safe while having a fashionable home.

Superior Customer Support

We are here to assist you in choosing the appropriate security for your home or place of business because our clients are the reason we are in business.

40 Years of Experience

From small beginnings, we have developed into a trusted local authority in the heavy-duty security door sector, defending their homes, businesses, and valuables.

Current Approaches

We have been in business for so long because, in order to give you the latest safety solutions, we never stop trying out new products and staying current with technological developments.

Premium Quality

To create modern security systems, we use high-quality, locally available materials. We stand behind every product we install and guarantee that you will be satisfied with it.


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