What strong room doors do you have?

It is understandable why sales of strong room doors have increased recently and have continued to be strong given their price, the protection they offer, and their ease of installation. For high-risk businesses like banking, retail, healthcare, logistics, or industrial facilities, our strong rooms offer the utmost security. We offer strong rooms that cater to unique demands, ensuring resistance against burglary and allowing for a customizable layout.

A strong room door enables you to grow your secret storage while assisting you in achieving that extra layer of data protection. “Strong room doors” are the access doors used to secure restricted areas that require the highest level of protection. In the context of commerce, it is crucial to minimize security risks and maintain efficient processes by reducing them to the lowest common denominator.

Strong room doors are considered more effective in providing security when compared to safes. We evaluate the effectiveness of a bank’s strong room door by testing its performance against a simulated force lock. Ore was a necessary component of the bank door to provide burglary defence. Nowadays, the door barrier is made of Herculite material that is several inches thick. The use of Herculite material can also help minimize the weight of vault doors.


  • high level of security
  • Elements are more secure than other materials.
  • Use a strong grill gate to provide extra thickness.
  • A strong room door always comes with the most important feature: a “drill defeat plate.”
  • Strong room doors have advanced barrier technology that is impossible to break for thieves.
  • Automatic relocking is the feature that makes it more difficult for thieves.
  • We utilize advanced barrier technology in the construction of our strong room doors.
  • Purchasing a strong room door is a necessary investment in order to safeguard your valuable possessions and important documents.


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