Hotels provide in-house guests with the facility of Hotel Security Safes to ensure the safety of their valuables and paper documents during their stay. We strongly advise travellers to use the safe in their room for securely storing their belongings. The security of your computer, jewellery, and passport may not be as strong as you believe.

There is more than enough space in our hotel safe for cash and important papers, as well as gadgets like mini laptops. Today, the majority of hotels offer in-room safes that can be locked with codes. The front office cashier has a second, independent key that is only available to guests for the safe deposit lockers.

Few Factors to be Considered Before Buying A Hotel Security Safes

Safe Type 

As critical as the safe’s size is its type. Safes come in a variety of designs, including wall, freestanding, and even floor safes. Although wall Security Safes are probably what you are most familiar with, hiding your vault can also be accomplished with floor safes.

Fire Resistance 

Fire-resistant safes are assisted from burning valuables, especially if you are planning on storing paper documents inside. Our safe material offers higher fire resistance than others. The cost of installing a fireproof safe is still worthwhile even if a sad incident never occurs.

Usage of Hotel Room Safes

Nowadays, almost all hotels in the nation have equipped their rooms with safes. However, it is curious that most visitors are unaware of how to effectively use these safes. Even though there is no 100% assurance that your valuables will be safe, keeping them in your hotel room safe is still a much safer option than leaving them unattended in the room. Even if you are familiar with using hotel safes, you can be overlooking something crucial.


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