We design Strong Room Doors to withstand invading attacks and provide essential security to the banking and financial industries against constantly evolving burglary techniques. Strong Room Doors play a major role because they are designed to withstand such incursions and are expressly created to provide the Financial & Banking Industry with much-needed protection. We have designed these security products to provide banks with comprehensive and dependable solutions that are highly effective and interoperable.

Strong Room Door Features 

  • Strong grill gate of MS bars
  • Fire & burglar resistant 
  • Torch & drill resistant (TDR)
  • Fully hardened drill defeat plate 
  • Designed as per BIS requirements
  • Automatic relocking mechanism 
  • Advanced 90 mm barrier 
  • 10 levers dual control lock

Importance of Strong Room Doors 

To provide the best defence against attacks by drill machines, oxyacetylene torches, and other tools, we build the doors with a double-duty barrier material. These doors can withstand attacks from torches and drill machines. Our Strong Room Door is ideal for rooms that house items of value such as important paperwork, jewellery, and cash.

Technical Specification 

  • We fit a durable and strong grill gate into the door frame to provide added protection. The grill gate is made of 90 mm diameter MS bright bars. We can install strongrooms as long as they meet the static parameters for load capacity.
  • At the bottom of the locks, we have a specially designed drill defeat plate that is highly durable. The plate is 280 mm thick and aims to deter any attempts to drill open the locks.

Strong Room Doors Advantages

  • The strongrooms are usually a critical security component for clients that have more serious security needs than the average individual. To secure their assets, our clients require rigorous security. 
  • The frames are built of a proprietary material that is both lightweight and strong.
  • Installers can remove and rearrange panels. And additional panels can be installed if necessary.
  • Strong room doors provide tested security against burglary.
  • We design our robust room doors with simplicity and accessibility in mind.
  • They provide a system that is simple to use and operate while also offering the highest level of protection.


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